3D Baitfish Soft Bait

3D Baitfish Soft Bait

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The 3D Baitfish Swimbait has the perfect baitfish profile, with a super realistic s-curve swimming action!

Savage Gear 3D Bait Fish Paddletail - Utilizing the latest in 3-D scanning technology, the Savage Gear 3D Baitfish Paddletail Swimbait delivers an

Savage Gear 3D Bait Fish Paddletail Soft Baits - Hitch / Length: 3 - Weight: 1/4oz

You will get 5pcs Fishing Bait 10cm + 5 Barb Hooks Lifelike: The bionic lure artificial loach lure fishing with 3D realistic eyes and glitter powder

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Savage Gear 3D Baitfish Paddle Tail 4

Bionic Swimming Lure, 3D Bionic Swimming Lure Swims Just Like a Real Injured Bait Fish, Suitable for All Kinds of Fishing Waters (3 Pcs) : Sports & Outdoors

LUCKYSTR Bear Valley NHK Spinner

Savage Gear 3D LB Roach Swim N Jerk 7.5cm 4g 5pcs Soft bait COLOURS

The new Real Eel jig raises the bar for anglers who loved our Real Eel with the increased versatility of its jighead configuration. Lifelike movement and vibration generated by its oversized tail drives predatory fish crazy. Whether targeting lingcod, stripers, cobia or grouper, its durable saltwater-tough PVC body and heavy-duty jig hook make it ideal for tackling anything you encounter.

Savage Gear Real Eel Jig - Olive Brown Pearl - 5 1/3 oz 12in

Shop Savage Gear Fishing Lures - Trout, Sandeel & 3D Craw Fish

SAVAGE GEAR BAITFISH FISHING LURES: Based on 3D scans of a baitfish with high-quality, hand-painted details, the Pulse Tail RTF Baitfish delivers

Savage Gear Pulse Tail Baitfish RTF Fishing Bait, 3/8 oz, Green Back, Realistic Contours & Movement, Durable Construction, Heavy-Duty Fishing Hook

Savage Gear Bfp-100-Bb 3D Baitfish Paddle-tail segmented swimbait Sinking, 3/8 oz, 4 inch, 3PK, baby bass

Savage Gear BFP-100-BB 3D Baitfish

OPTIMATE OptiMate 1 Duo Charger Kit

5PCS 11cm 6.5g Soft Bait Fish Lure 3D Eyes Long Tail G3B5