Rio Fly Fishing Fly Line InTouch Mid Head Spay 10/11 F Fishing

Rio Fly Fishing Fly Line InTouch Mid Head Spay 10/11 F Fishing

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RIO InTouch Mid Head Spey Fly Line, RIO Fly Lines

The best sinking tip fly line series in the world, with ultra-low stretch performance The supple floating body section allows anglers to easily mend

RIO Products InTouch 24ft Sink Tip Fly Line

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RIO's InTouch Mid Head Spey Line

RIO InTouch Trout LT WF Fly Line

If you're fishing for summer steelhead with a dry line technique, this is the line to have! The Mid Head Spey is a great choice for those that are looking into getting a long belly line, but don't want to go to the 70 plus foot head lines. This is an easy line to learn to cast, and it has a ton of power to cast long distances. Going from a Scandi style line to this line is a breeze. It excels at fishing dry line style, but you can fish a reasonably sized sink tip on it if need be.

Rio InTouch Long Head Spey Fly Line

UPC 730884211703 Rio Intouch Mid Head Spey Size 43384 Green/orange/straw

RIO's InTouch Mid Head Spey Line

The head length is ideal for Spey rods over 13ft in length, and for mid-sized rivers. Rio InTouch Mid Head Spey Line. A VERSATILE, MID BELLY LENGTH

Rio ® INTOUCH Mid Head Spey Fly Line (Green/Orange/Straw)* 2024 Stocks * MSPEY

RIO Intouch Longhead Spey Fly Line 10/11F

RIO Products Fly Line Rio Perception Wf8F Camo, Camo-Tan-Gray : Sports & Outdoors