Glow Fish Rod Installer Kit, 35', Jameson Tools

Glow Fish Rod Installer Kit, 35', Jameson Tools

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Jameson Little Buddy Accessory Kit for 3/16-inch Rod 10-316-AK

Hook to grasp and retrieve wire. Magnet retrieves ball chain. Bullet nose with ring pulls line or can be grabbed with hook. Bullet nose with eyelet attaches pull line to rod. Whisk guides rod and avoids obstacles.

Jameson 7-06AK Glow Rod Accessory Kit

Green Cable Pullers for sale

Fiber, Optic, Light, Source, Testing, MM

Jameson 7-8-IK Fiberglass Glow Rod Kit, 35' : Automotive

Jameson Yellow Jacketâ„¢ Coated Fish Rods

Installer, Kit, Wire, Pulling, Telepole, Drill, Bits, Fiberglass

Cable Installation Tools

Eagle Tool US fish rod set is used to install wires above ceilings, through walls, and under carpets. The 1/4-In diameter fish rods are flexible yet provide excellent rigidity for extended distance stand out. Connect individual sections end-to-end to create a variety of lengths. Set contains: four 1/4-In diameter x 4-Ft fish rods, 1 steel bull nose, and 1 hook accessory for attaching wires. Made in the USA of multi grain fiberglass for maximum splinter resistance.

Eagle Tool ETF25016 16 ft Fiberglass Wire Fish Rod Kit

Glo-Rods - GME Supply

Jameson 7-36-23T 24 Ft Flexible Glow Fish Resin Rod Electrical Wire Cable Kit

Jameson Sectional Push Rod Kit

Jameson 7S-35T Glow Rod Kit 15ft

Fishing Electrical Wire