Mako Bait Cast Net (3/8 Sq Mesh)

Mako Bait Cast Net (3/8 Sq Mesh)

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Bait Buster Cast Nets are made with premium mono line opens flatter sinks faster and lasts longer. 3/4 stretch mesh is perfect for almost any bait type and the 1.5 lbs of lead per foot helps this net sink fast. If you want the best cast net on the market look no more!.

Bait Buster Bait Cast Net 3/8 sq. Mesh, 12 ft Radius

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The Promar 4'x12' Seine 1/4 Mesh is a heavy-duty fishing net designed for catching bait before a day of fishing. Made of durable treated poly coated black nylon, this seine can be used in both saltwater and freshwater. It comes assembled with floats and weights for easy use. Please note that the two poles needed for each end of the seine are not included. Upgrade your fishing gear with the Promar 4'x12' Seine 1/4 Mesh and increase your chances of a successful fishing trip.

3' Bubba Cast Net 3/8

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Mako Bait Cast Nets 3/8 Sq. Mesh 1 lb/ft real lead.

Cast Nets- Mako Bait Net 3/8 Sq. Mesh