Missile Baits - Tackle Warehouse

Missile Baits - Tackle Warehouse

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Missile Baits - Tackle Warehouse

Designed by Bassmaster Classic Champion, Mike “Ike” Iaconelli, the Missile Jigs Mini Swim Jig is the swimming sibling of the highly successful Mini

Missile Jigs Mini Swim Jig

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Missile Baits D Stroyer California Love

The result of an epic collision between two dynamic bait creators, the Missile Baits Magic Worm was dreamed up in Missile Bait’s workshop and

Missile Baits Magic Worm

Missile Baits has created the most versatile hand poured finesse straight worm and it is being made by Roboworm. At 6 long, the proportions of the Magic Worm allow for prefect rigging options on a drop shot, wacky rig, shaky head, Neko rig, Texas rig, or Carolina rig. Having one go to worm for many finesse presentations is fantastic. The Magic Worm has you covered in 12 custom color choices and come 14 worms per bag. There is no secret bait but there is a Magic Worm!.

Missile Baits Magic Worm 6 Junebug Dream

The stick worm has a new missile. The 48 is a 4.8 very versatile worm that has the correct combination of shape, action, function, and durability. When rigged to fall horizontally, The 48 has a fantastic shimmy that is irresistible. The crazy portion about The 48 is that weightless Texas rigging with a nail weight in the rear, it has an unprecedented backwards-falling shimmy. All the normal rigging techniques are money with The 48 too. The 48 is the new caliber of stick worm.

Missile Baits The 48 Worm Goby Bite

Missile Baits Hover Jig Head

The perfect action chunk for Mini Jigs is here! Using Missile Baits shapes and signature patterns, the new 3 Mini D Chunk fits on any compact or finesse type jig and has two flappers that kick hard when pulled through the water. The flat chunk body helps a jig skip better and helps flair out a skirt. John Crews adds, This is the chunk I have been wanting for a long time to fish on the Mini Flip Jig. It also fits perfect on the new Mini Swim Jig.

Missile Mini D Chunk Black/Blue Flake

Missile Baits Ned Bomb Worm 10pk

The Spunk Shad is a pintail swimbait with a thick ribbed body and a small pintail that creates a seductive shimmy when fished on a Chatterbait, Scrounger, Ned rig, or weightless hook. Missile Baits partnered with Hog Farmer Baits to bring the Spunk Shad into the Missile lineup. The Spunk Shad will be available in many Chatterbait matching colors along with Missile Baits' signature texture and scent. ? 10 baits per pack.

Missile Baits Spunk Shad - 4.5in - Green Pumpkin

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Introducing the Missile Baits Craw Father. Designed by Elite Series angler and Missile Baits owner, John Crews, it is a compact craw with a ton of

Missile Baits Craw Father