PowerBlock - Heavy Jump Rope

PowerBlock - Heavy Jump Rope

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Build muscle and endurance with the PowerBlock Heavy Jump Rope. Improve arm, forearm, wrist, and grip strength, as well as abdominal, back, chest, and shoulder strength with this Heavy Jump Rope. This extra weighted jump rope provides a cardio workout that also improves upper and lower body balance and coordination, and helps to burn more calories than a speed rope.

The 5 LB ultra heavy jump rope is the heaviest rope in our lineup & is designed for the ultimate heavy rope challenge. Get yours today if you're up

5 LB Heavy Jump Rope For Extreme Strength

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The 5 LB ultra heavy jump rope is the heaviest rope in our lineup and is designed for the ultimate heavy rope challenge. Requires Ultra Heavy

5 LB Heavy Rope

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Our Elite Jump Rope is a cut above what you might remember from the playground. This speed jump rope features a premium vinyl rope with a matte finish and radial ball bearings for maximum rotation. The molded black and gray plastic handles feature grip locations and the rope length clearly marked on each end. Three lengths to fit most users. 1 lb. Racks available.

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This is the premier jump rope system for the serious gym owner. Offering 20 fixed length jump ropes at 10 different sizes this system will outfit anyone below 5 feet tall up to nearly 7 feet tall. The strategic lengths allow gym members to dial in their ideal rope length, promote good posture and refine proper technique. Each rope length is indicated on the handle with a corresponding cable color for easy detection.

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