Freshwater - Freshwater Reels - Baitcasting Reels - Shimano

Freshwater - Freshwater Reels - Baitcasting Reels - Shimano

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Shimano SLX A Casting Reel It's a tall task to redesign an industry benchmark for versatility and performance - so the Shimano team went to work developing the all-new SLX A series of low-profile reels.

Shimano SLX A Baitcast Reel

Max Drag 10.1:1 High Speed Gear Ratio Metal Spool - Temu

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The benchmark in smoothness, precision and pure power, Shimano designed the new Calcutta Conquest to be the pinnacle in performance. While the Calcutta Conquest 200 may look like a classic, this iconic reel incorporates many of Shimano's flagship technologies for those anglers demanding the best. The new Calcutta Conquest features Infinity Drive - a first for Shimano to include this technology in a bass reel - to provide anglers with increased winding power under load.

Shimano Calcutta Conquest CTCNQ401A Reel

Built tournament tough, Curado is the benchmark for reliability and durability. Generations of anglers have looked to Curado as their trusted partner.

Shimano Curado K Low Profile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel

Shimano Tranx 150 Baitcasting Reel

Shimano's legendary prowess in DC technology continues with the addition of the all-new Curado DC 200, an expansion to the tournament-proven Curado family of low-profile reels. The Curado DC 200 provides anglers up to 40% more line capacity for added versatility and performance using a wide range of baits and techniques, especially those looking to leverage heavier line, larger lures, or maximize casting performance.

Shimano Curado DC 200 Reel 201HG

Shimano Stella FK 2022 Freshwater Fishing Reel – Vast Fishing Tackle

Shimano Curado MGL K Low Profile Baitcasting Freshwater Reels

SHIMANO tranx big Game Bait Casting

Silver Wings Baitcasting Reel High Speed 7.2:1 Gear - Temu

Selecting cheap baitcasting reels original shimano 15kg max drag power full metal spool grip saltwater freshwater spinning reel suitable for any fish

Baitcasting Reels Original Shimano 15Kg Max Drag Power Full Metal Spool Grip Saltwater Freshwater Spinning Reel Suitable For Any Fish Species 230619

Weighing in at only 6.5 oz. and packed with Shimanos most advanced technology the new Shimano Chronarch MGL Casting Reel delivers the top level performance tournament and enthusiast anglers require. More advanced than ever before its lightweight Magnumlite Spool allows a low moment of inertia requiring very little force to get it spinning. This means lures will cast farther with less effort than before.

Shimano Chronarch MGL Baitcasting Reel

Generations of anglers have looked to Curado as their trusted partner. Shimano gives you more than ever with the Curado K series reels.

Shimano Curado K 200 Size Baitcasting Fishing Reel 6+1BB Freshwater Bass Fishing