Scientific Anglers Micro Swivels

Scientific Anglers Micro Swivels

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Scientific Anglers

Designed for dead-drift nymphing, the Absolute Right Angler Leader comes in 9 3x-4x, 9 4x-5x, and 11 2x versions covering both trout and steelhead uses. They come pre-rigged with a butt section attached to a perpendicular dropper. An indicator is included along with a tippet ring on the dropper. The angler attaches the working tippet and flies to the dropper by the ring.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Right Angle Leader 9' 3x-4x

Keep your streamers straight with these Micro Swivels from Scientific Anglers, that prevent twists—ideal for use when throwing large fishing flies

Scientific Anglers Micro Swivels

Scientific Anglers Sonar Leader Kit - The Compleat Angler

Micro Swivels for Fly Fishing by Montana Casting Co.®

Scientific Anglers Tippet RIngs

Scientific Anglers Micro Swivels

S.A. Micro Swivels 80lb - Kilwell Fishing

Scientific Anglers Freshwater Tippet - 100 Meter Guide Spool - Fly Fishing

A micro swivel will help keep your fly line twist-free so that you're catching more than just wind-tied knots. Yep, these are the really little

Micro Swivels for Fly Fishing