Re-Engineering- Decentralized Architecture for Truck Harness Protection

SCOPE Improve protection of Wire Harnesses against damage from high current fault conditions. Reduce the complexity of wire harness routing with in the truck. Revisit the fuse capacities and locations of electrical centers. Re-engineer the schematics and harness drawings for prototyping & production casino without id

Plug-N-Play Wire Harness redesign- Value Engineering

SCOPE Redesign the electrical schematics to reduce the installation time. Modify existing harnesses to incorporate latest Model Year changes from the OEM. Reevaluate OEM tap points and simplify the installation process. Create documentation to assist after market and field service support.

Electrical Wire Harness & Schematics Design for Parcel Delivery Vans/Trucks

SCOPE Designing harnesses based on the payloads and create electrical schematics with 3D. Component selection like connectors, fuses, lights, wire gauges and relays. OEM Chassis interface connections with Make Year Model changes. Create harness drawings, schematics including 3D routing for mass production

Electrical Components Library- Database Migration & Management

SCOPE Convert legacy electrical database information to the new standards. Create and establish library for electrical components and connectors. Develop circuit numbering systems and best practices for creating harnesses. Improve BOM management by driving them through Engineering. Magyar-Patika