New Product Development – Specialty Trailer Wheels

SCOPE: Customer would like to improve the current design and make a new variant. Bench mark the current design for internal studies – Durability & Fatigue. Create a new design with improved performance in a short time frame. Document the current design and process for design release management.

Food Equipment – Product Sustenance & Customization

SCOPE Continuous product improvements as part of sustenance support. Reduce turnaround time to evaluate & validate change requests. Custom frames & mountings to be carried out for leading restaurant chains. Shorten engineering response time for special customization requests

KBE – Engineering Application Grain Bin Design Calculator & BOM

SCOPE Engineering calculations are done manually and partly in outdated legacy program. Create engineering application to conduct Grain Bin Design calculations. Document the tribal knowledge to facilitate knowledge transfer. Automate process & convert the design in to manufacturable BOM.

Engineering Change Management – Chassis Frames

SCOPE Investigate requested changes from different sources customer, quality & manufacturing. Process custom orders (Engineer To Order) and validate the designs accordingly. Create design package- manufacturing drawings and Bills of Materials (BOM’s) Release the Engineering changes to manufacturing through PLM & ERP

Engineer To Order (ETO) – Service Bodies

SCOPE Process engineer to order (ETO) and verify the order options. Create general assembly GA along with customer approval drawing. Complete the custom design options & features for manufacturing. Validate the design using FEA (Ansys).

Custom Automation Solution – Blank loading and unloading

SCOPE Design blank loading and unloading system for an aftermarket Automotive component. Coordinate and integrate with other sub systems for a complete solution. Integration includes vision inspection, rejection and alignment of sheet metal. Detail engineer the design and release the drawings for manufacturing.

Conveyor-Standardization & Design Automation-using SolidWorks

Customer: Leading Conveyor manufacturer in North America SCOPE Standardize different sizes and combinations of side frames & components Create a standard components library- Geared Motor, Side guide, Support legs. Document the tribal knowledge to facilitate CAD design automation. Automate general assembly (GA) and manufacturing drawings.