Design Automation

Accelerate customization with by leveraging Jaydu’s multiple design automation softwares / approaches

Our expertise in software development and product realization helps support Electrical Systems and Embedded Systems innovations.

Design Automation 

The Product Engineering groups Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) information and helps the design teams capture and re-use product and process intelligence in a single or few automated steps. Design engineers benefit from capturing the engineering intent using rules and empirical knowledge. Jaydu has supported clients integrate this captured condensed information into CAD systems to automate the designs and significantly reducing design cycle times.

Our automation experts develop and use multiple CAD product configurators to automate, 3D models, 2D drawings and generate BOMs. Our robust design automation process free-up your engineers from costly, repetitive, time-consuming tasks to focus core engineering activities.

Applications & Programming languages used

  • VB, VB.NET, Visual C++ .Net, CC++, JAVA
  • Pro/TOOLKIT J-Link
  • Design Tables, Driveworks & SolidWorks API
  • iLogic Autodesk Inventor
  • Solidedge API/VBA
  • CPQ 3D Configurators in the market

Key Benefits

Free up your team from routine task

Reduce time to Market by reducing design time

Avoid/Eliminate Backlogs

Avoid Manual & Costly mistakes

Improve Efficiency by reducing engineering cost

Product Configurator

User Interface – a dynamically changing visual selection tool for sales, engineering and dealers to configure options, selections and sizes.

Specification Sheets

Automatically creating selected specifications and selections into a document with for sharing with the customers and engineering.

Automated 3D CAD Models

3D models generated based on the logic embedded in the automation too and parts and assemblies are configured as per best practices & company’s standards.

2D Drawings

Associated 2D drawings will generated with all relevant information like properties, materials, weldments, CG locations etc.

Part Numbering & BOM

Dynamic and variable parts and assemblies are identified, and new part numbers will be allotted as per the rules and associated Bill of materials are generated.

Systems Engineering

We support business systems like 2D and 3D checking in to PDM/PLM, publishing BOM’s into ERP system and generating routings, DXF’s or pdf’s for manufacturing.


By communicating to your ERP system and based on associated Bill of Materials we can generate a quote document with 2d drawing views to share with your customers.

CPQ Support & Implementation

We support our customers and CPQ companies in implementation of Configure, pricing and 3D CAD generation. With expertise in CAD packages and rules-based product configurators we have supported and saved a lot of time to our clients and CPQ companies.

Key Contributions:

  • Supporting in the project initial days to effectively collate the inputs.
  • Documentation support to generate rule engines.
  • Working towards exploring best possible solutions.
  • Liaison between customers and CPQ product companies for quick clarification.
  • Reducing the data cleansing and integration time.
  • Trail run and testing support.