Product Design and Development

Product Design and Development group is the engine that drives the manufacturing operations and defines a company’s vantage point in the marketplace. Despite the globalization efforts across all processes within an organization, the product development group’s ability to work in conjunction with a third party can still be very daunting if the right foundation is not defined to help them expand their boundaries.

As a strategic product design and development engineering services partner, we go beyond the cost reduction and complex nature of the tangible commodities. We use our years of experience and global relationships with vendors and qualified material suppliers to not only support sourcing at a very competitive price but also help improve quality at targeted quantities.

We also help streamline and improve your design and manufacturing processes leveraging the best industry practices while meeting compliance mandates across geographies.

Our uniqueness lies in our craftmanship and how fast we get your prototype to the market, which goes beyond cost-saving and eye for detail for a broad selection of industrial products.

In short, we are a one-stop-shop for product engineering design and development of mechanical, electrical, and embedded controls for various industries, including trucks, utility vehicles, medical devices, appliances, aerospace, railways, food equipment, and agricultural tools manufacturers.

Our operational model of forming a strategic relationship with our clients fosters the exchange of ideas and trust across all levels of the engagement.

Our commitment to protect your IP and pass on all IP generated by us during the product design and development exercise to the full credit of you forms the bedrock of mutual faith that accelerates the creative process.

We can independently lead and support your team in addressing initial design requirements from feasibility studies, styling analysis, packaging study to concept generation, and preliminary proof-of-concept. Our domain experience helps offer recommendations for existing products and ideas for a new product launch.


  • Product ideation
  • Conceptualization
  • Marketing sketches
  • Features design and development
  • 3D digital surface models
  • Feasibility studies
  • Optimization and validation of designs
  • Detailed Engineering Design