Engineering Change Management (ECN) & Sustenance Support

Most engineering departments are inundated with ECNs’ that consumes the time of their experienced engineers who would otherwise be adding more value to the company by focusing of core processes connected with the business. The proximity of Jaydu’s engineering team to our client’s product development lifecycle gives us the ability to efficiently inculcate the standards and procedures of our clients ECN/ECO/ECR processes. We function as a virtual extension of our clients engineering team to provide off-shore engineering support through prompt execution of engineering change notices using our global engineering delivery model. We facilitate the execution process through a dedicated VPN network or secured FTP.

We support change Management in two modes

  • On Demand : We come in when you have a huge backlog of ECR’ to clear.
  • Steady State Support: We support daily on addressing multiple ECR’s from start to completion.

We support our clients in 2 Levels of engagement in the Change Management process.

Level-1: On Demand to Steady State Support