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Prototypes, and pilot lines are fast, cost-effective ways to help you refine your products and processes ahead of market. We support our clients for prototypes are a part of our product development lifecycle design evaluation process by leveraging Jaydu’s established global supply chain helps get you an “almost market-ready“ prototype in shorter time frames.

The success of any product depends on how clients tackle the vibrant market forces and yet maintain a competitive position in the marketplace. We help global product engineering teams accelerate downstream functions in the product development life cycle through comprehensive prototyping, testing, and validation services.

We have a network of tooling, prototyping, and testing suppliers across offshore sites, including India, Vietnam and Philippines. This network of suppliers enables us to manufacture short-run tools, build prototypes, and test the final designs. All our suppliers are validated for their state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices that comply with global standards.

Some of our prototyping capabilities include:

  • Rapid prototyping using SLA, FDM, SLS techniques
  • Building epoxy tools, wax patterns, and metal investment cast parts
  • Creating semi-automatic soft tooling for short-run production samples

Prototyping Capability

Sourcing Services

The Manufacturing Sourcing Services (MSS) group at Jaydu helps customers cut costs and time in manufacturing & ensuring effective integration of the supply chain. The MSS group’s expertise spans across mechanical, electrical, electronic components and sub-assemblies. The group provides a comprehensive set of services that encompasses vendor evaluation, quality assurance, onsite quality inspection, logistics consulting and trade solutions in India.

The success of any product depends on how clients tackle the vibrant market forces and yet maintain a competitive position in the marketplace. We help global product engineering teams accelerate downstream functions in the product development life cycle through comprehensive prototyping, testing, and validation services.

The strength of the MSS group is derived from its team members who have an average of over two decades of experience in the Indian manufacturing industry coupled with the company’s latent know-how in offshore outsourcing for product design & manufacturing engineering services. The team has sound expertise in “Lean Manufacturing” practices with proven experience in S.M.E.D, Kanban & J.I.T. manufacturing systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased reach to low cost suppliers in India
  • Reduced cost- through local sourcing management and reduced time- through availability of pre-qualified suppliers
  • Local presence leading to improved supplier management and professional project management.
  • Internally developed framework for supplier Assessment and qualification.
  • Over 100 person years of experience in sourcing, supplier assessment, supplier quality, component quality.
  • Familiarity with geographical issues particularly in manufacturing hubs of India.
  • Strong expertise in manufacturing processes.


Jaydu’s MSS group has a time-tested approach that can support a client at various stages of the global sourcing maturity cycle. The MSS group can help clients define a roadmap to global sourcing or help support an existing procurement cycle with robust program management and vendor quality management process.

Sourcing Consultancy

  •  Identification of parts and sub-assemblies for low cost sourcing
  • Development of a sourcing plan with critical successful factors
  •  Create and implement operational plans

Sourcing Support

  • Map requirements with Jaydu’s pre-qualified list of suppliers for
  • Manufacturing
  •  Testing/Certification agency
  • Logistics service provider
  • Conduct a structured evaluation exercise of potential suppliers
  •  Develop/evaluate PPAP plans per requirements
  • Conduct onsite quality audits
  • Manage supply chain and logistics

Sourcing Components


Jaydu’s relationships with Casting suppliers have been groomed over several years of designing, prototyping and testing die castings for clients based in the US and Europe. The types of castings that are sourced include

  • Iron castings
  • Steel Castings
  •  Aluminum pressure die and gravity die castings
  • Forgings
  • Investment Castings
  •  Centrifugal Castings
  • Steel Castings

The MSS group ensures that the suppliers comply with standard like IS, ASTMA, ISO, DIN, BS, JIS etc. Clients can also choose from the options of receiving proof machined or fully machined parts depending on their need. With the help of independent accredited laboratories, Jaydu also furnishes reports on chemical and physical properties of castings.

Precision Machined Components

Jaydu has established a network precision machined components manufacturers in India. The relationships have been groomed with our extensive interaction during the process of developing prototypes and testing activities as part of our product engineering services. Many of the centers that have been pre-qualified by Jaydu’s MSS group have supporting secondary capabilities to conduct heat treatment and Surface treatment functions to support induction hardening, ECM, Nitriding, hard chrome plating, nickel plating, plasma coating, anodization etc.

Machining infrastructure availability includes

  • CNC turning centres: Deckel-Maho Gildemeister; Mazak; Takisawa; Murata, Hwacheon; Emco & Citizen.
  • CNC Machining centres: Horizontal & vertical from Makino; Haas; Mazak; Daewoo; Gildemeister; Mitsubishi.
  •  EDM wire cut machining: Fanuc; Electronica and other reputed brands.
  • Honing facilities: Ranging from 40-500 mm diameter to 5000 mm length.
  • Other capabilities: Center-less grinding machines; thread rolling machines; broaching; deep hole and gun drilling machines; jib boring; ball screw grinding, floor boring

Electrical & Electronics:

Jaydu has qualified partner facilities for quantities ranging from prototype to large scale production. Capabilities include circuit assemblies, component assembly, surface mount and through-hole board assembly, double-sided board assembly, mixed technologies and other types of electrical assemblies. The MSS group’s service offering includes component sourcing and procurement, third party quality assurance, packaging, shipping and distribution. The products that can be sourced include

  • Printed circuit board manufacture of single side; double sides; single layer and multi-layers.
  • Electromechanical assemblies
  • Wire harness and interconnections
  • Couplers
  • Regulators
  •  Box Build/ Enclosures