PCB & Stencil Design Services

Investing in in-house teams for designingprinted circuit boards (PCB) and stencils is not always a viable option for small and medium-sizedcompanies. Especially when they need PCBsdesigned and fabricated for selective prototypes. Also, aPCB footprint,when not designed to perfection or aligned to your stencil requirement,can displace the components from the solder of the original print and cause system malfunctions.Outsourcing PCB and stencil design to a trained and knowledgeable team can allow businesses to focus on their core, grow, and scale rapidly.Choosing a partner for PCB designing, manufacturing,and assembling not only saves time but also reduces the production cost significantly.

Jaydu specializes in on-time delivery of PCB and stencil design services for clients in different industries. We also provide recommendations for sourcingmaterial, customizing the thickness of the boards, milling, copper wiring, assembling, and manufacturing PCB packages. To learn more about our engineering services, click on the link to our Design Engineering Services