Reverse Engineering

A company can gain a competitive advantage only when it is aware of the features, benefits, and uniqueness of the competitor products, and outperform. Our reverse engineering services help you decipher the philosophy and the design intent of your competitor’s products. Our engagement approach goes beyond the basic exercise of capturing the dimensional information of the competitor’s product and focuses on eliciting the intrinsic value of the design concerning functionality, manufacturability, and price.

Some of our Reverse Engineering projects include

  • Documentation of the original design because of the original design documentation has been lost or never existed.
  • Some bad features of a product need to be designed out. For example, excessive wear might indicate where a product should be improved.
  • To gain competitive benchmarking methods to understand competitor’s products and develop better products
  • The original CAD model is not sufficient to support modifications or current manufacturing methods
  • The original supplier is unable or unwilling to provide additional parts
  • The original equipment manufacturers are either unwilling or unable to supply replacement parts, or demand inflated costs for sole-source parts
  • To update obsolete materials or antiquated manufacturing processes with more current, less-expensive technologies

We also offer the study of relevant patents to mitigate disputes risks. We have experience in multiple industry domains of re-engineering features and entire product redevelopment in a stipulated timeframe. Also, we offer documentation for our reverse engineering and re-engineering programs. It further strengthens the foundation of our strategic relationship with our clients.

Some of our key capabilities include:

  • Nondestructive studies
  • Geometrical and material definition
  • Tear-down analysis
  • Structural, nodal and tolerance analysis
  • Cost studies
  • Model and drawing creation of the components and assemblies