Value Analysis/Value Engineering

Reducing product cost has been approached from many different perspectives from six sigma, lean manufacturing and global manufacturing to the unfavorable practice of demanding price reductions from suppliers. All of these approaches are characterized as the initiatives of the previous century that do not pan out as the sustainable avenue for cost reduction. Value Analysis/Value Engineering has now become an important function in the product life cycle, but most organizations are often challenged by the limitation of resource bandwidth to undertake this imperative exercise.

Jaydu’s model of operating as a strategic extension of their client’s organization by assigning adequate and competent resources with astute insight of the product design objective helps in expediting the Value Analysis/Value Engineering programs

Jaydu can perform end-to-end Size, Shape, topology & topometry optimization and generate design to produce finished CAD for manufacturing.

Our VA/VE capabilities include

  • Weight reduction
  • Component count reduction
  • Feature enhancements
  • Functional study of product, subsystems and parts
  • Reduction in assembly steps
  • Replacing exclusively manufactured components with off the shelf parts
  • Validation of product performance aspects and identification of improvement opportunities