Engineering Process Outsourcing

Addressing your specific manufacturing engineering requirements under one roof.

Our expertise and strong experience in Manufacturing segment from costing to tooling will help you move fast.

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Fortune 500 companies use the global model to steal the advantage of client proximity from Small and Midsize companies with Engineer Process Outsourcing (EPO). Simultaneously, small and midsize companies are challenged by scale of operation to fully harness the benefits of globalization.

Jaydu has engineered a response to meet this challenge with its powerful Leveraged EPO Model that draws on the full advantages of EPO without paying the price for scale. Jaydu’s EPO practice offers services for all the non-core processes in the product development cycle helping our clients in optimizing their key engineering resources.

Key Highlights

  • Value based process outsourcing
  • Flexible engagement model
  • Strong technology/ product alliance
  • Rapid deployment of resources
  • Online ticketing system to manage the daily orders/projects

What can Jaydu’s Leveraged EPO Model do for you ?

  • Project scale without the cost of scale
  • Address seasonal demand crunch on resources
  • Facilitate targeted beta initiatives before a full launch

Engineering Change Management (ECN) & Sustenance Support

Jaydu is known for its matured ECN & Sustenance Support , enabling clients to optimize their engineering processes, reducing the time to the market, reduce costs. Our mechanical engineering services spans the entire product development life cycle starting from new product development to launch; to subsequent feature enhancements and end of life services

PCB Design & Stencil CAD Services

Jaydu has extensive experience in PCB Design & Stencil CAD services, enabling clients to have a one stop solution for the product development to prototyping experience. We offer services as EPO model working on the daily orders as your virtual extension to cater your business needs in multiple time zones globally.

Technical Publication

Jaydu has extensive experience in Technical Publication, supporting clients launch their product including technical documents like installation manual, service bulletins, animations for the manufacturing teams. We use multiple digital platforms to facilitate the implementation of the digital experience in the shop floor.

Engineering Change Management

Most engineering departments are inundated with ECNs’ that consumes the time of their experienced engineers who would otherwise be adding more value to the company by focusing of core processes connected with the business. The proximity of Jaydu’s engineering team to our client’s product development lifecycle gives us the ability to efficiently inculcate the standards and procedures of our clients ECN/ECO/ECR processes. We function as a virtual extension of our clients engineering team to provide off-shore engineering support through prompt execution of engineering change notices using our global engineering delivery model. We facilitate the execution process through a dedicated VPN network or secured FTP.

  • BOM creation and/or updation
  • Creation and/or updation of model & drawing
  • Design and cost improvements
  • Check-in and Check-out rights for parts, assembly and drawings

See more about ECN/ Sustenance support  

PCB Design Stencil CAD Services

Jaydu has experienced in carrying out PCB Design and Layout services for circuit board design as EPO model. We can help you develop circuit board layouts that can be scaled efficiently. Our design capabilities include high speed digital, analog and mixed signal, ultra-high-density boards, package design, and RF. 

Key Benefits

  • Strict cost containment
  • Accelerated development cycles
  • Supporting multiple manufacturing centers
  • Leverage the latest PCB design trends
  • Expanding to a large team size in shorter time frames
  • Reduced infrastructure set up requirements while scaling up

PCB & Stencil Design Capabilities

Our Services

Experienced in softwares

Technical Publication

Jaydu offers technical publications services ranging from creation of basic manuals, translations, legacy format conversions to the development of interactive instruction sets for the manufacturing assembly line. We have expertise across multiple industry domains and graphic designers with experience in transforming critical technical information into intuitively comprehendible instructions. Jaydu has the capability to provide translations in German, French & Spanish languages and of the highest quality. Through use of in-house developed tools and technologies as well as leveraging our global delivery model, we offer significant cost reductions and quick turn-around time for our customers. Our technical publications services include creation, updation, adaption, and modification of –

  • Product Maintenance Manuals
  • Illustrated Part Lists and Catalogs
  • Parts Service Manuals
  • Service bulletins
  • User manuals/handbooks
  • Conversion of legacy formats to current technologies