Design Automation

Design is the most critical phase of any product development, consuming the maximum amount of time and effortof the manufacturer.Contrary to the belief, some of therepetitive tasks in the product lifecycle across various engineering segments can be automated using software applications.For instance, the knowledge base of product design can be converted into a set of rules. These rules can then be programmedinto applications to enable automated decision-making and perform repetitive operations in the design process.

Computer-aided manufacturing and CAD modeling can further convert concepts into products, increase their robustness, and give a competitive advantage to clients.Outsourcing CAD automation services can also reduce costs and accelerate the time to market.

We have developed, implemented, and maintaineddesign automation for clients across industries and on various CAD platforms. To learn more about our Design Engineering services, click here

Some of these advantages of using software for design solutions are:

  • Reduced manual intervention and human errors
  • Optimized cost and quality
  • Improved quality
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Retention of Intellectual Property for redevelopment and reuse