Knowledge Based Engineering


Our expertise in software development and product realization helps support Electrical Systems and Embedded Systems innovations.

Explore our Knowledge Based Engineering 

Majority of the engineered products especially in product-based industries like Appliances, Equipments, Automotive and Trucking are highly experience and knowledge driven. A significant portion of the knowledge base in order to produce quality product is still with experienced engineers who are experts and specialized in their specific product domains.

For new product initiatives significant portion of the knowledge and time from the subject matter experts is required, which might necessitate balancing act between new product development vs routine tasks which can be addressed without disturbing subject matter experts. Knowledge Based engineering involves capturing the product knowledge and reuse it effectively and efficiently in the new product development initiatives.

Jaydu understand the  Knowledge-Based Engineering Methodology MOKA process for product development and segregates the engineering knowledge and tribal implied knowledge as below;


  • Product characterization
  • Thumb rules & best practices
  • Product validation/ verification programs
  • Smart Sheets , Engineering Calculations & Programs
  • Product configuration tools
  • Design Automation

Key Benefits

  • Significant reduction in Product development lifecycle
  • Automating the routine tasks
  • Improving the quality of the product
  • Capturing engineering expertise and reuse
  • Enable concurrent engineering
  •  Improve quality of first-time designs
  • Leverage domain resident in the organization

Design Automation

Jaydu has an extensive experience in automating design with multiple platforms and CAD packages, We can integrate with your business systems like PDM, CPQ and ERP to automate the 3D models and generate 2D drawings along with Bill of Materials.

CPQ Support & Implementation

Jaydu has supported multiple CPQ implementations for different segments ranging from Trucking industries, Wire Harness manufacturer, Machining Centers and has partnered with multiple CPQ companies to speed up the installations.