Electrical Architecture
& Development

Electrical Architecture
& Development

We specialize in creating scalable and efficient electrical systems tailored to your unique needs. Our experienced team excels in designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions for industries such as automotive, renewable energy, and smart infrastructure.

Architecture Development

  • Logical E/E-Architecture
  • Technical E/E-Architecture
  • Zone-oriented E/E architecture
  • Software Component Architecture
  • Hardware Component Architecture
  • Component Trade Study
  • Electrical LV & HV

    • Architecture Design & Functional Logic
    • Power & Grounding Distribution
    • Schematics design
    • Upfitter Connections – Power & Signals
    • Wiring Diagram, 3D Routing
    • Library creation & management
    • WH Topology Definition
    • Harness Flattened Drawings
    • BOM management
    • Packaging, Routing & Space Claiming
    • EE component packaging
    • LV Harness Prototypes

    Powering Innovation, Illuminating Tomorrow

    Illuminate the path to innovation with our Electrical Architecture & Development solutions. Our team of electrical engineering specialists offers tailored services to design, optimize, and implement electrical systems that power the future. From concept to execution, we bring expertise and ingenuity to every phase of your project, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.